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Nervous about your property adventure? Don’t be! Ready to buy or sell today? Looking for advice and information to help you decide what steps to take next? I'm here to ensure you get the answers you need to move forward confidently, and then provide an experience you can walk away from feeling great.

Commercial, Residential, Rentals


Whatever your property needs may be,  I'm only a phone call away! Fixer-upper? Furnished rental? Relocating a business? I can help with all of it. 

Visit the link to My Listings on the Home page or click on the Contact link to search for residential properties currently available for sale or lease. 

Rely on Expertise


Reliability & credibility. I won't ever refer you to someone I haven't worked with personally. If you have questions about affordability, credit, legal matters, or income, I am pleased to work with the best in the industry to obtain the most current information and access to top-rated programs and products. Because who doesn't want to feel confident and educated when making decisions?